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KLBA/ M-Tel U17 Basketball Championship 2019

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KLBA/ M-Tel U17 Basketball Championship 2019
2019 年吉隆坡篮总/ M-Tel U17篮球锦标赛

Tournament Start Date开赛日期

16th March 2019 (Saturday)

Due Date for Submission of Forms 截止报名日期

Dateline Due (截止日期) :1st March 2018 (Friday)

Team Managers Meeting/Draw 领队会议和抽签

The Team Manager Meeting/Draw shall be conducted on:

8th March 2019 (Friday) at 8.30pm at KLBA Office (5th Floor MABA Building)

Tournament Venues比赛地点
SJK(C) Kung Min, Jalan Landak, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur半山芭公民华小

Participating teams 参赛球队

Men & Women Division I
A maximum of 6 teams allowed, based on a first come first serve basis
男子和女子第一级的比赛只限6 队, 先到先得原则

Men & Women Division II
There is no limit to the number of teams participating

Each coach / assistant coach is not allowed to represent two teams in the same category.
每一名教练/ 副教练不允许代表参加同一个组别里超过两支球队。

Eligibilities for Players 球员资格
Players must be born on 1st January 2002 or after.

Men & Women Division I 男子和女子第一级
A maximum of 5 players whom have participated in any MABA National Championships. MABA National Championships means; Agong Cup, U15,& U17.
一队最多可以有5位参加过大马篮总全国赛的球员。大马篮总全国赛的定义是;元首杯, U15 & U17。

Men & Women Division II 男子和女子第二级
All Division I players in 2019 and any other player who has participated in any MABA National Championship are not allowed to participate in Division II, unless satisfactory justifications are provided to KLBA.